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Born in Glasgow many moons ago, feel 29 in my head and 79 in my bones, both parents were from Glasgow and Grandparents were from Fermanagh and Tyrone so that's the 'why do you do this' connection people are constantly looking for. The name Max Taylor came about from my two boy's names Taylor and Max (see what I did there?)

I've been singing Irish songs for many years now and learned them basically on the job. I played in a band as a bass player doubling on mandolin for a few songs, singing just a few Irish songs on my own. The band singer Danny sang only Irish and Country songs and who knew I would be singing them years later. In my 20s I got to sing radio jingles selling everything from Mercedes cars to leather sofas. These jobs although quite exciting and being heard on the radio were fun but just not enough of them to make a living so I had to pass the torch onto Glasgow singer/songwriter Pat Kane. (he's really famous) who is just incredible and was a student at the time so could wander in and out of the studios willy-nilly like! I love getting to a new audience, people who have a choice of live singing venues to choose from usually minutes apart so when they stay in the place I am working it means only two things - they're enjoying the craic and like what they're hearing. My singing style is pretty varied as I have been doing it for years. The bloodline takes care of the majority of my working life thankfully. I have been specialising in the IRISH sets for the past 30 years or so and I am told I'm rather good at it, I choose to believe them. Like any genre of music there're dirgy, boring, long drawn out songs but I have a feel for the more melodic Irish songs. I do have a few of the dodgy ones in case anyone asks, and they do, so my job is always to try and make every single person feel they're getting something just for themselves. Other than Irish I have different styles for different venues even a set for a complete Scottish night, or as we call it "A Clan Gathering" oh, and that's with a 'C' not a 'K' - - - hoots mon!
I played guitar from a wee age about 12 I think as I saw a new guitar that my big brother Andrew had just bought a RICKENBACKER 360 Deluxe and it looked so cool for some reason so I asked the Ol’ man, "can I get a guitar dad?" "Yes son, OK" he said and money was tight in everybody's house in those years so it must have taken a lot to get it especially with 9 kids. A very wise and thoughtful choice Da' thanks so much again - Paddy Gilroy RIP 2007. At around 14 I went to a feiseanna in Glasgow with my Aunty Edith where my cousin Paul Pettit was competing at and thought WTF is this music, I had to find out more. It was all firey and passionate much more than Scottish trad music really, and one guy on the stage with a cigarette in his mouth simply playing a fiddle for the weans to dance to, it was feckin amazin'. I got into mandolin as soon as I could and learned over an hundred tunes. Tenor banjo followed a few years later. I put an ad in McCormacks music shop Glasgow looking for other musos to form some sort of Irishy rocky band and got a call from B.J. McCartney from my home town who played fiddle, banjo and was a drummer and he had a van, perfect!. He now lives in Rhode, Co.Offaly, and is an excellent carpenter (GAA+BEDS) Time went on we joined with other like minded people. In Glasgow the band became the top group in Irish Clubs like the Claddagh Club in Govanhill in the late 80s and were the 'requested' backing band several times for a wee guy from Donegal called Daniel O'Donnell as he only had to come with his keyboard player. At that time we were playing 3 St.Paddy's gigs on the same day - Irish club in Coplaw Street, Claddagh Club in Govanhill then up to the Shawlands Hotel to 4.00am in the morning, oh to be young and fit again. Always starting with The Bold O'Donaghue - opening line "Here I am from Paddy's Land" eruption ensued into a night of craic and shenanigans. OK enough of this rambling - Gilly xxx.
SnrMaxTaylor - the most highly respected and revered entertainer working throughout Europe - just ask him!. His peers dutifully named him El Maestro which becomes crystal clear after one of his legendary Irish Pub Shows. When he came to the Algarve to work the word spread around that a whirlwind had arrived in Portugal. He was singing a mountain of material from every genre Country, Big Band Swing, Pop, Rock, Irish, Scottish and even Opera which was an incredible, unexpected surprise - Snr MaxTaylor was here and everyone got to know about it. He could have worked 8 nights a week he was so in demand. He says he wants to do the good old USA 2017 or sooner! Antonio Silva: você magazine PORTUGAL Boa sorte meu amigo deve ser fácil de seu amigo - Toni.

This is where I preach to the young'ins on the way up. It's all about fulfilling your obligations and commitments, if you get work - do it! chasing a few extra quid will get you no where fast, believe in respect, trust and loyalty and you will get that back with future justification for any decisions you have to make. Be professional at all times and no one can shit on you (they will) but just know that you did the right thing for the greater good - your future! e.g. Dave Madden the owner of Erin's Isle Portugal had to wait 2 years to contract me in as I was just too busy and committed to other places....so, 2 life sentences later, I'm still there. Working to audiences in excess of 1000 a week coming from all over the world as far as USA, Canada, South Africa, UAE, Australia and all throughout Europe.


My material and artistes change very frequently, I'm always adding and dumping songs as the year goes on so I tend to build up a massive catalogue of songs. Sometimes I forget what I actually have but this is a kinda main collection just for an idea of the material I do.

Johnny McEvoy, Nathan Carter, Joe Dolan, Wolfe Tones, Foster & Allen, Daniel O'Donnell, Luke Kelly, Dubliners, Christy Moore, The Fureys, Mike Denver, Brendan Shine, Mary Black, Big Tom, Luke Kelly, Liam Clancy, Dublin City Ramblers, Jim McCann, Paddy Reilly, Bridie Gallagher and of course Traditional and I can guarantee there are loads more artists.
Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, John Denver, Rodney Crowell, Charlie Rich, Kris Kristofferson, Nitty Gritty, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Everleys, Garth Brooks, Jim Reeves, Kenny Chesney, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Hank Laughlin, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, Eagles, CSNY, Patti Page, Mavericks, Dolly Parton, Zac Brown, Alison Krauss, Tim McGraw......I know there are more, lots more.
Aztec Camera, Del Amitri, Kenneth McKellar, Alexander Brothers, Lonnie Donegan, Proclaimers, Paul McCartney, RunRig, Dougie Maclean, Frankie Miller, Hamish Imlach, Ewan McColl, Eric Bogle, Travis, Paulo Nutini, Waterboys, Deacon Blue, Andy Stewart. I have enough Scottish Material to fill a whole evening of at least 2.0 hrs, even more when I include my wonderful Atlantic Crossover song book.
All the great ones from some of the biggest names in Big Band & Swing....Plus all These: Journey, Bryan Adams, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Springsteen... Abba, Stevie Wonder, Bay City Rollers, Van Morrison... Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, George Ezra... 60s/70s/80s: Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Elvis... Bob Marley - Jimmy Cliff - UB40 - Maxi Priest
I'm sure you get the idea, there is just too much stuff to mention.


I have these recordings available for anyone who wants them. They will be sent to you as MP3 files and can go straight onto your computer or mobile device. If you're still using CDs I can post them out to you. The quality of the samples here are a bit rough as I had to compress them down a bit to get bigger samples but the finished complete albums are perfect. You can check out the songs on each and hear samples of each too. You'll love them, everybody does.

Tracks on this Album.
Tracks on this Album.
Tracks on this Album.

Tracks on this Album.

Tracks on this Album.

paddy gilroy - at your cervix

Hey Paddy baby, your night of music and verse as you put it helped us remember the parties we used to have at home with my parents all those years ago even though me and my sister were crying a bit, I promise you they were happy tears. You're a wonderful genius man and it was so funny about the whole American Irish thing.

Christine Mullaney - Portlaoise.

Look me up on TripAdvisor - Me, Unapproachable?
(fckn top shelf arseholes)

I don't know how you managed it Gilly but we couldn't remember a single song the next day as you did so many and all excellent even the one you said was our wedding song, so funny Sir - The Old Bog Road as a wedding song can you imagine it?. Brilliant Paddy good luck to you for where ever in the world you go to next. Keep in touch and let us know when you're back in Erin.

Roisin O'Doherty - Donegal.

oh jeezo, sorry PortaPotty!!!

Paddy, Paddy I'm still waiting for my song you said after the break and it's been weeks since you were up here in Craigavon. Hope to see you again sometime we had a ball my friend. I hate getting old when someone is playing music you can dance to for a change.

The Other Paddy - Portadown.